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Indulge Yourself Bath Salts - Refresh

Indulge Yourself Bath Salts - Refresh

Documented origins of Dead Sea salt being used for health and therapeutic properties can be traced as far back as biblical times. According to the Book of Samuel, King Solomon presented the Queen of Sheba with Dead Sea salts as a gift when she visited the Holy Land.


It’s also said that Cleopatra urged Marc Antony to conquer the regions surrounding the Dead Sea so that she would have access and a bountiful supply of all the fruits it offered. Cleopatra used the Dead Sea extensively in her beauty regimen, and she commanded that infrastructure be built around the Sea so that she could establish pharmaceutical and cosmetic clinics to offer salt therapies to privileged guests.


Dead Sea Salt contains 10X more minerals than normal sea salt. Minerals which can assist in cleansing, detoxifying, and restoring a healthy status quo to the body, especially the skin and muscles.

  • Ingredients:

    Bokek Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Tangerine & Grapefruit Essential Oils, Blood Orange Fragrance and FD&C Yellow 6.

    20 oz - Wooden Scoop Included

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