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Old Time Barbershop Shaving Soap

Old Time Barbershop Shaving Soap

This powdery bay rum, sandalwood, pathouli and menthol scent is reminisent of a freshley shaved and sharply dressed gentleman! 


This shaving soap produces a nice hydrating lather and glide.  And it smells good!

  • How to Use Shaving Soap

    1. Apply a little warm water to the top of the soap in your shaving bowl or mug. 
    2. Soak your brush in sink or a mug with warm water for a few minutes.  This will soften your brush bristles and build quick and rich lather.
    3. Prepare your face by washing your skin with warm water thoroughly.  If you've just taken a shower, consider this step done. 
    4. Pour off any excessive water from soap - leaving very little. 
    5. Shake the water from your shaving brush. The brush should be damp and not wet.
    6. Load the brush by rubbing it briskly on the shaving soap in a circular motion.  Continue for atleast 30 seconds to a minute after the lather starts to form.
    7. Take your brush and continue to lather directly on your skin in a circular motion.  Wet the brush tip or add a few drops of water as needed to build up the lather.
    8. Shave!
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